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Frankfort, KY

Mountain Workshops 2015

The Mountain Workshops celebrated its 40th anniversary of documenting small-town life in the region by focusing its lenses on Frankfort. Workshop participants found the people of Kentucky’s capital city to be even more colorful than the fall leaves at their peak. Here are their stories.


Working the wire

Orthodontist Craig Wiggins takes joy in the craft of improving people’s smiles.

by Colleen Cambier


Born into bourbon

Tour guide Freddie Johnson is the third generation of his family to work at Buffalo Trace.

by Michael Noble, Jr.


Morning Pointe major

A decorated Air Force veteran scoots into his new life in assisted living.

by Alexander Ledet


The idea keeper

At Poor Richard’s Books, Lizz Taylor has offered wisdom new and vintage for more than 30 years.

by Lauren Nolan


Every kiss on the nose

With her loving nature, a veterinarian acknowledges animals as part of the family.

by Alyssa Pointer


Art & monument

Melanie VanHouten transformed a farm into a sculpture park. It’s a monument to her grandmother.

by Alyse Young


Stronger and taller

As a resident of a homeless shelter, one woman finds family and strength.

by Andrew Seng


Investing in the land

Charlie Jones is happiest trading a lawyer’s suit and tie for a farmer’s jeans and barn coat.

by Marie De Jesus


Ballet with her boy

Shannon Gale and her son are most thankful for each other.

by Bridget Bennett


Depend on me

Tiffany Armstrong takes pride in taking care.

by Christena Dowsett


Ella enchanted

Ella Lemley-Fry, 14, experiences the world differently while growing up on an organic farm.

by Brittany Greeson


What was

Frances Ringer lost her true love when she was 15. She still wonders about what might have been.

by Rachel Wedding McClelland


Girl at a crossroads

After being caught shoplifting, 16-year-old works to turn her life around.

by Gabrielle Lurie


A hunter’s pride

Denny LeCompte learned to hunt deer as a boy, and he enjoys the challenge as much as the kill.

by Zack Hubbard


Living in a landmark

Ed and Sue Stodola love the beauty and openness of their Frank Lloyd Wright house.

by Ed Cottingham


A little bit of home

Melissa Mitchell, 37, a large animal vet, finds balance in her passions for work, farm and family.

by Elizabeth Frantz


Rhythm of the day

Will Renshaw relishes precision—and the beauty he makes of it.

by Stephanie Strauss


Conserving generations

Brent McCarty, 31, is passionate about his work at a wildlife education center.

by Daniel Rader


Breathing into peace

Charlie Pearl opens his heart with each step forward.

by Sara Corce


Always cleaning & singing

A solitary window-washer sings because he's happy and wants to share his joy with others.

by Dale Peacock


For more than coffee

Audrey Hammond makes mugs that hold memory and comfort.

by Jessica Glazer


Home away from home

Kings Center provides an after-school safe haven for Frankfort and Franklin County children.

by Christian Lee


More than music

Stephanie Wallace’s students have a band full of friends and a teacher they know cares about them.

by Patrick Witty


J. R.'s world

Call John Robert Zinner when he’s not home.You’ll hear the voice of a proud show lamb farmer, almost drowned out by more than 100 High Bridge Hampshire ewes.

by William Kolb


Starting again

After four years in the Marine Corps, Dylan Burdick faces a new battle: building a civilian life.

by Alicia Savage


Zero to five kids

Mary-Margaret Dohn and Roger Pollard adopted five biological brothers.

by Tess McEnroe


Bringing history to life

Russell Hatter sheds light on dark aspects of Frankfort’s past that are still relevant today.

by Celine Fang


Going at a gallop

A Frankfort preteen keeps her cool as she copes with life in the middle school rat race.

by Teresa O'Brien Nguyen


Where I needed to go

Mark Lyon Thornewill says being open to change has kept him young

by Catrin Einhorn


Keeping them close

At the Quarles' family farm, love is passing down the family business.

by Stephanie Aaronson


The future of farming

Outgoing and ambitious, 15-year-old Molly Mitchell is a very proud cow girl.

by Yalonda M. James


A lingering loss

Despite terrible tragedy, David and Margery have shown incredible resilience.

by Shweta Gulati


Taking the lead

A comma separated Laura Glasscock from corporate drudgery to pursue her passion for journalism.

by Sean Ryan


Born to run

Champion thoroughbreds and a middle-school track star thrive on Buff Bradley's Indian Ridge Farm.

by Scott Ball


Finding his rhythm

Six-year-old Jack Atchley had trouble speaking — until he wanted to sing Beyoncé songs.

by Madeline Lear


Heart of a community

Pic-Pac grocery store caters to people from all walks of life.

by Sally Wegert


Chasing the light

April Cole overcame personal tragedy through photography and community service.

by Betina N. Garcia


Grave sites and sights

Frankfort Cemetery has evolved into a scenic destination and community icon.

by Patricia Lombardi


Dinner and a show

Spicy fare and strong opinions are both served up at Chef Rick Paul’s White Light Diner.

by Christine Rucker


Ageless flirt

At 87, entertainer and ladies' man Arnold Clark still doesn't miss a beat.

by Nick Wagner


Surviving childhood

Betty Lawson has faced hunger and fear, and she’s determined not to let them defeat her students.

by Andree Kehn


Personable goats

A farm family that turned to goats says there's no going back.

by Nicholas Pfosi


Clay heart

As custodian at Elkhorn Elementary School, James Clay is more than just a man with a broom.

by Michelle Gustafson


Frankfort, Finding Time

On workdays Frankfort bustles with capitol business. After hours the city's vivacious warmth rewards those wise enough to linger.

by Emilie Milcarek


Finding a good fit

A shoe repairman balances his dedication to love and to craft.

by Michael Clark


Bourbon Time

Frankfort's Buffalo Trace Distillery crafts many varieties of bourbon, some distilled more than 20 years.

by Brooke Warren


Hard-work harvest

Migrant workers help owner Dick Mucci at one of Franklin County's last tobacco farms.

by Michael Cirlos


Adelia's treasure

Virginia Hensley, 85, is a crowd favorite at Adelia's – a local bakery where she works.

by Harrison Hill


Sharing Safety

A family man trains dogs to protect those in harm's way.

by Meg Kumin


Space for tradition

John Wheatley restores classic vintage cars, and his 14-year-old daughter is starting to join in.

by Jennifer Du Puis


For love of land & family

The Jones family works together to continue their legacy at Happy Jack's Pumpkin Farm.

by Maura Friedman


A love of L.I.F.E.

An animal shelter founder has devoted her life to saving those who cannot help themselves.

by Jennifer King


The whole picture

A third-generation candy maker balances the business legacy with other pursuits and passions.

by Matthew Merchant


Helga goes to school

Therapy dog Helga makes reading fun for students at Collins Lane Elementary School in Frankfort.

by Joan Lederer


Hair days

At age 70, Charlie Long is the oldest barber in Frankfort.

by Matthew Lunsford


Man bikes dog

A well-loved dog brings people in the community together.

by Joshua Newell


Customers become friends

At Flobie's salon, customers get hugs and keep stylist Flo Casey going on.

by Logan Riely


A port in a storm

Soup kitchen and men’s shelter a haven for 600 people a year.

by Jovelle Tamayo


Farm family bonds

At Goldfinch Farm, the Wilson family learns, grows and loves.

by Laura McClintock


Hearts, hands and horses

Working with horses helps students develop strength and confidence at the Stewart Home School.

by Judy Heidrich


Compelled to create

Frankfort artist Doris Thurber uses art to empower women.

by Kim Walker


No jacket required

The mayor of Frankfort is known to many as Bill.

by Justin Gellerson


Cultivating life

Susan Hutcherson builds a successful business and life on a strong family foundation.

by Kelsey Kimberlin


Hard liquor, hard times

Reams of red tape won't stop Ross Caldwell's small-batch distillery on a Franklin County farm.

by Justin Gilliland


Casa Fiesta family

For José Chavez, Casa Fiesta isn't work, it's home.

by KC McGinnis


Quiet confidence

A high school football player doesn't let stereotypes define him.

by Katie Klann


Pasture to pastor

A pastor and owner of A Little Bit of Heaven farm, James Bondurant's life revolves around horses

by Katie Roberts


The heart of Bald Knob

The last country store in Franklin County offers small talk, laughter and friendship.

by Kayla Macomber


Back To School

Mountain Workshops' sponsor Dataseam provides an opportunity for K-12 educators in specific Kentucky school districts to participate and observe during our week-long event.

by Dataseam Teacher Workshop